Number 17 fishtail milkmaid braids. For the #30in30twistmepretty by @twistmepretty - Comment down below what your favorite summer updo is

Channeling my inner Leia today. #30in30twistmepretty

You know those days when it feels like you’re hair has decided to do everything the exact opposite you tell it to do? Today was one of those days for me 😂. I swear I had to redo my hair 50 times to get it looking somewhat to my liking. If I wasn’t doing this hair challenge I honestly probably wouldn’t have post a picture of it. #30in30twistmepretty day 17! @twistmepretty #messyhairdontcare #badhairday #milkmaidbraid

hair isn’t long enough for milkmaid braids so i modified . but this is some end of day realness for day seventeen. whispies everywhere and still looking pretty.... @twistmepretty #30in30twistmepretty #fishtailbraids #rookpiercing

| Day 17 | Fishtail Milk Maid Braids | #30in30twistmepretty #braids #braidstyles #fishtailbraid

Day 17! It's suppose to be milkmaid fishtails...again I'm a length lacker. So i faked it super hard! Maybe the next challenge i take part in should be "hair selfie challenge" without my photographer some braids are just too hard to capture! So an awkward mirror selfie and terrible side pic is all I'm attempting today! #30in30twistmepretty #shorthairdontcare #maybeicarealittle #fishtailbraids #milkmaidsbraid

I think we can all agree I so rocked day 17 of the #30in30twistmepretty braid challenge. Haha for real though I don’t know what I did or didn’t do with these milkmaid fishtail braids but I just look goofy. #livingthelimelife #fishtailbraids #twistmepretty #practicepracticepractice #txmomlife

Day 17 👸🏼 #30in30twistmepretty @twistmepretty

Day 17!! Fishtail Milkmaid Braids. There was no way I was getting this with my short hair, so I have a fishtail French braid of sorts! #30in30twistmepretty @twistmepretty

Today's #30in30twistmepretty style was sort of frustrating for me. It took me over an hour and probably won't last long because I stink at using Bobby pins. I spent so long trying to do it that my hair dried out and wouldn't work. I even tried using hairspray in it, but no luck. Ended up having to re-wet half of it to finish. @twistmepretty

Day 17. It was supposed to start with pig tails into the milk maid hairstyle, but my hair ain’t long enough for that. So a fishtail milk maid crown for me 💁🏻‍♀️ #30in30twistmepretty @twistmepretty

Day 17 - my hair wasn’t quite long enough to do the fishtail milk maid braids so I did a bit of an alteration. I LOVE this style and if I could figure out a way to make it very secure I’d probably do it all the time. #30in30twistmepretty

🖤DAY 17 BRAIDS🖤 #30in30twistmepretty . These are pretty easy if you can braid pigtails, but also my hair is a little short once in braids so it was harder to hide the ends.

I tried day 17 of #30in30twistmepretty with the braids, but me and milkmaid braids are not a thing. I'm not a fan of this one for me, BUT I did try it 😁

Pinned this one up for show, but with my hair being so long its just not going to work out haha. #30in30twistmepretty

Day 17 ~ Fishtail Milk Maid Braids ~ #30in30twistmepretty