This is my buddy, Duke! We’re prepping for Monday’s Memorial Day parade by trying on some patriotic attire that Mom is making. Mom, Grandma, Scruffy’s Mom & Duke’s Mom are on the board of our town’s civic association so I’ll be marching on Monday, along with Scruffy, Aunt Molly Belle, Duke, local veterans (including my Grandpa), the police & fire departments, the marching band, HORSES & many more!! Mom volunteered to make bandanas for some of the other dogs & I’m afraid she bit off more than she can chew!! One of the bandanas is too small for even a gerbil!!!! 🙈😱 #skylieryce #skyliedoodle

My family made an amazing dog house just for me! The boys put it together well the girls painted it! • • • #tricolor #doghouse #diy #skyblue #doodle #doodlepup #yay #bernedoodlepuppy #bernedoodlesofinstagram

Buddy and Thomas were in heaven all afternoon at the dog beach today!

If I sit patiently outside the front door maybe they’ll take me to the dog park. They’re telling me it’s another 4 weeks til I’m allowed.. Not being fully vaccinated yet is sooo boring 😭🐻 lucky everyone plays with me every waking hour 🐾🐾

hiked my paws off today 🐾 ⛰ 🌲 ☀️ comment if you got to explore today too ❤️❤️❤️

Abbie likes bowling alley.. loud music n all.. lol #puppy #puppybowling #berdoodle #bandydoodles #doodlepup

Feelin classy ☀️🕺🏻

Advice From a Sunflower: Be Bright, Sunny, & Positive Spread Seeds of Happiness Rise, Shine And Hold Your Head High 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼