-Coinbase Gets $20 Billion Prime Client, Ads Back on Facebook Coinbase, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange already valued as high as $8 billion by itself, had a couple more additional positive developments recently. The company reportedly landed a $20 billion prime client and got its ads reinstated on Facebook.

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-Crypto Trading 101: Bull and Bear Flags (And What They Mean for Price) When it comes to making big money in trading, the trend is your friend. But spotting the trend when it is in the nascent stage is challenging, and running along with it right up to the top is an even bigger challenge. That's because asset prices rarely see a 90-degree rally or collapse. More often than not, trends (bullish/bearish) will pause briefly to allow traders or investors who missed the initial move (higher or lower) to join the bandwagon. If the participation increases, the asset price extends the bull or bear run, or else a trend reversal may occur.

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NEM enables developers to easily create apps thanks to using APIs.

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-Bitcoin's Biggest Startups Are Backing a New Effort to Keep Fees Low 2017 was a wake-up call for bitcoin supporters to say the least. With so many people using the software amid a price boom, the fees for sending transactions swelled higher than ever before, even rising to as much as an average of $26 for a single transaction. It was a road with too many cars, leading to a veritable traffic jam. Sure, the situation wasn't long to last, as fees fell back to manageable levels, but the worry is this spike could always happen again – if, or dare we say it, when, bitcoin "goes mainstream." But fees don't have to be as high next time there's a spike in the cryptocurrency's use, at least that's the argument being put forward by those launching a new effort called Bitcoin Optech.