I stopped looking for the light ..... Decided to become one #beyourself

Your only limit is you 👩🏽‍🔬 . . . #dentalmirror #dentallife #rose #lovemyjob #beyourself #beyou #takealook#🎶

Do IT Anyway... Okay so happy Friday and here's my #fridayintroductions 🌺 🌺 🌺 I use to have my own photography business with my hubby several years ago and I loved it! My favorite sessions were headshots using natural light. 🌺 Water is one of my favorite creations. It soothes my heart and mind 😌! 🌺 One of my Why's is to be able to help others despite feeling at times that I am not enough to do so. Living with chronic pain and #endometriosis can cause you to doubt your worth. But when a client tells me that something I shared helped them in their business I feel so happy and humbled to know that even in the depths of pain I can be used for good. 🌺 🌺 🌺 #womeninphotography #supportblackbusiness #thrityone30 #wethrive #bossbabe #beyourself #beinspired #theendoproject #thatsdarling #womenwhopodcast #creativechics #clickmagazine #shescraftedtothrive #shutterbug #livebalanced #findyourway #photographyblog #creativeentrepreneur

I’ve been thinking...why do we as people feel like we always have to impress everyone around us? I’ve used filters for fun...because clearly I don’t have stars all around my face or fire coming from my head in my photos, it’s a filter. I also don’t have dog ears lol but what I want to address is those people who can’t simply take a picture of themselves as they are in REAL LIFE, and share their true selves with the world. It’s easy to show a picture of you, filtered as fuck, posed up like you’ve tried the pose 50 times to make sure you “look perfect”...guess what? You don’t look perfect. Maybe not everyone can tell when people are filtered and super posed but I can. Honestly, it’s such a turn off. When people post about life and living well and up to your potential and then their photo is clearly filtered and untrue to themselves, I scroll right on by and laugh with a shrug of my shoulders thinking 🤔 “why?”. If you want people to believe you and what you stand for, you have to be yourself 100%, all the time. Fake will always be fake. Be real. Be true to who you are, not who you think people want to see. That’s me, no not in the first picture LOL, the second one. Right now, no makeup, hair not brushed, rolled out of bed, changed my shirt, made tea and I am outside. No filter. No touch ups. Just ME. #beyourself #nofilters #notouchups #betrue #loveyourself #fakeisfake

Own the space you're in. ✨ . . . . #belong When I feel myself shrinking back, I stand up straighter. Let my energy expand to fill the corners of my space. Feel my wings unfurl behind me. Open my heart. Release my inner ninja. 🤸 #createspaceformagic