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#FBF Soooo Befitting that the beautifully designed 25th anniversary of @carolsdaughter would be held within the walls of the @nmaahc a sanctuary filled with the pain of our past alongside symbols of heroism & triumph. I had the honor of being apart of the pivotal transition of the brand from its original Brooklyn roots to the establishing of its footprint as a global beauty brand. When my friend the genius Steve Stoute shared his vision of taking a celebrated homemade product to mass market made by a black woman, I could not be more honored to be apart of what I knew would become a historic journey. When I sat across from @iamlisaprice at our first team meeting unbeknownst to her in her FACE I saw the glare of Rosa Parks, I saw Harriet Tubman, I saw Sojourner Truth, I saw Madam CJ Walker & countless other trailblazing woman who stood tall in their convictions & purpose so WE could one day do the same. In her last name PRICE. I understood she was the result of the sacrifice & “heavy price”others had to pay for the both of us to be engaging in such a legacy defining way. I knew she would become a treasured pillar in history having attended Tuskegee Institute where I breathed the air of pioneering spirits like Booker T Washington that lingered long before me. I truly understood how big THAT moment was & how hard but worth it the battle ahead for her would be. Lisa was & has remained a portrait of courage committed to the elevation of the business of beauty & our black & boldness within it as well as the preservation without compromise of our culture & contributions to the global beauty industry. It has not been easy for her to endure the landmines of business & the demands of being a key gatekeeper of how black beauty is measured, marketed & respected. Now 25 yrs later we celebrate,commemorate & honor her collective of milestones & firsts as she continues to lead with sheer authenticity, grace & dignity within an industry that largely & loudly ignored our presence & spending power until she said yes to the vision & understood she was the very PRICE our ancestors paid so that the culture could benefit from the audacity & presence of #carolsdaughter. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

When playing with filters have you lookin like a WHOLE NUTHA person!

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