Come and sit down dad, should we get the chips out as well 😁😁

Hey dad, your favourite programme is about to start, are you coming 😁😁

I went to the vets today and was really well behaved, so the practice manager played dress ups with me and let me bring this home 😁😁😁

Along with strengthening the trunk, shoulders and hand muscles, the mechanics of crawling stimulate different areas of the brain that are important for future learning! #childdevelopment #makingrainbows

Listening to high and low notes on the xylophone 🎶 #pitch #musicalconcepts #babyclass

Isn’t this Making Rainbows Unicorn the best thing you’ve ever seen!!! Thanks so much @archie.and.rae for hand delivering her to me tonight! She’ll make me smile every day! 🌈🦄🌈 #unicornsandrainbows #onbrand #makingrainbows

Testing out my new iPhone camera on the kiddos. How are they so cute?

Happy Birthday Mr 2! We loved making rainbows at your Thomas The Tank Engine party 🎉 🚂🌈 #makingrainbowsparty #makingpreciousmemories