. Sometimes your circle decrease in size, but increase in value. If you attend to hang out with four millionaires then you’re bound to be the fifth. We talk visions and ideas, not people. . Hanging with both manager of @babra.my ,Wan and the boss of Malaysian streetwear @zasch.my ,Aiman really gives me a clear vision on how the market goes off. Thank you boss boss for the valuable knowledges. Next time, more meetings coming up. . #kitabiasa #bossboss #adalagiboss #nantilepaklagi #meeting #kawkaw #ontropronor #inshaaAllah #rezekiAllah #leader #marketleader #louisvuitton #zasch #babra #babraxgulljewellery

This is for all the single men out there or for those who are slow to decide on marriage. The lord promises his favor to all who enter marriage, with love as his priority. Do all you can to maintain your marriage, and I will promise the lord give you his favor.

When you don’t ask for God’s help your vision won’t flatline. Just because you’re in a down season doesn’t mean you’re dead. The purpose monitor is checking for evidence of the belief in your heart. “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.“ (James 1:5) 🖥 Watch MMITM ON DEMAND WhenDreamsCollide.com/MMITM . . . 📍Join us Monday-Friday 7aCST/8aEST for Motivational Moment in the Morning - Season 2! Streaming live on the When Dreams Collide FB page and Group. Join the group for the continued conversations, bonus teachings & connections after! KINGDOM | BUSINESS | RELATIONSHIPS | PURPOSE #WDC #WhenDreamsCollide

#Blinders people - it really comes down in #business to keeping your eyes forward on your goals and direction - you can listen to the negativity or you can block it out, #choice - DiscoverEagleRealty.com

Take the risk or lose the chance.

What's rice with no beans? Peanut butter with no jelly, pop corn with no hot sauce, coffee with no cream, a car with no engine, tacos with no guac, chili with no beans, chips with no salsa... me with no you.. #PrayLoveEat