Goodie galore at this beautiful shop @lmaison_london in Holland Park. I left armed with less than the armchairs, which I really really really wanted 🌿 and thinking that it is always good to be wishful. If I could have afforded them, would I love them as much? Instead I got Oliverum for my aching muscles 💚🙌🏻 . . . #momentsofmine #londonstories #welivetoexplore #elledecor #exploringlondon #lifeandthyme #traveldeeper #gardenstyle #livethelittlethings #lovelittlethings #travelandleisure #letsgosomewhere #travelstories #postcardplaces #townandcountry #flashesofdelight #cntraveler #summerinlondon #goingoutlondon #prettycitylondon #outinlondon #verytandc #citiesbycolour #ua_london_city #loves_london #mytinyatlaslondon #london_only #mydarlinglondon #pretty_shotz #storefrontcollective

Ladies & Gents introducing our todays special: Pan fried Sea trout with grilled asparagus, slow cooked egg yolk and crispy wild rice. Is already flying from our pass! Hurry.

Work in progress for @theaoi #londonstories #competition 😊 taking agggges but will be worth it.. #illo #illustration #jamesbennillo #jamesbennillustration #drawing #art

... Keep spending most our lives Livin' in a piggie's paradise...

Little beauties traditionally grown in Padron, Galicia. According to the legend were grown for their aphrodisiac properties. They are right in their season which is from May to September. Pop in for your 1 of 5 a day!

When you give a shout to connect with people in a city like London, chances for any connections are next to nothing I know...but you never know ;) DM if you're like-minded (which is basically mentally unstable, a little frivolous, naively ambitious, somewhat fearless about not fitting in, but most importantly IN PURSUIT OF A BETTER SELF. Or none of that, but you agree that big cities can be a big and lonely sea full of very distracted fish.. Or also if you and your friends are ready for a wellness journey and need some guidance- I need to practice my future nutrition workshops :)I'm basically at your disposal :) While contemplating how to make new connections in London I came across a whole world of awesome things to do for singletons in the city!! I'm sure even couples would be jealous! :D I found a #SilentSpeedDating thing.. And I was like "That was made for me!!", I am too busy for normal pace dating, and (will sound like a negative thing, but I still believe in this secret power of mine) I love judging books by their covers (i.e. taste in clothes down to tiny details- nothing misses my eye, and, of course, the body language!). I sound smug and dumb I know;) But I was born an observer, observers observe and make connections. Can't help it. I was very excited to try a thing like that, but the dates of the event are rare and chances of me going "Nah, let's just study and work and explore London's rosters alone, it's always better!" are ginormous! :) And another bit of "useful" info: London's dating scene also includes singles' naked meet ups...🤔 I wrote this post last night, then decided to sleep... and tonight, after more epiphanies of an alcoholic, I feel pretty content to take another year all quiet and alone working on myself and my future. And after that I am planning to be too full of myself to have a hope of ever finding someone worth-while😝 But the Londoners who are less distracted in life, who value human connections beyond the "scroll epidemics" and managed to get to the end of this post, do reach out- there is always something to enrich or get enriched by!(Hopes of a romantic nature are not encouraged). (Can I be more ambiguous?!) 🤐