Last night I made a guitar holder for my bass. I made the holder out of 8/4 red oak and finished it with spray lacquer. I’ve been trying to come up with a few things to sell on Etsy that is small and easy to ship. What do you guys think about this design?

I finished up all my urgent work tasks for the week on Wednesday, and instead of my usual “I’ll get ahead on my to-do list” approach, I took today off from work.⠀ .⠀ I took my dog for a long walk, did some landscaping, met for lunch, then got my hair cut & colored by @lisa_nolan_hair. .⠀ Lately I’ve given myself permission to build in white space, and take time for me when it makes sense. And it.feels.awesome. .⠀ What do you do on your “me days”?

drawer pull up close. i never made these available for sale and this one has been banging around in a box for two years. love how the finish has worn and having it installed in the new studio.

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I just love it here. If you’re ever in Denver, it’s a must-see kinda place. It’s also a must-eat kinda place. 🤤 #paxneytravels

When you change the way you think of what is and what could be is when you'll begin to see these changes reflect in your reality

A very happy customer walked out of my studio with this stunning earring. It was a customized version of a piece in my collection. DM me to get your dream piece created. #viviansaadeprocess132