Yesterday had a blast at O'l Mexico restaurant/bar with the family !!! Too wasted with all these shots and too turnt up and we had fun while it last through the night. #MN #Family#🅱️🆙️😂😊

Sth brand new ! #lucky #mn #love

My cup is full! We had an adventurous weekend filled with loved ones, birthday parties, amusement parks, water rides, bouncy castles and listening to the same song on repeat for what felt like an hour. We also missed our exit, got sweaty, and stinky, and I may have lost my cool just a little bit when these sweet children were arguing with each other in the back seat. And I might have gotten just a little to self-conscious about being in shorts and a bathing suit. My point is I'm learning about grace and being perfectly imperfect. I want my posts to be honest. These people in this picture love me no matter what! If I lose my cool, with no makeup, with makeup, under weight, over weight, smelly, stinky, happy, sad. They just love me. And I feel the same way about them. So why can't I feel that way about myself? I'm trying to have more grace. In this world where pictures make people SEEM perfect. I'm trying to be honest and gracious and realistic. When I look at pictures of myself I instantly pick at my flaws. I was worried about my chins, about saggy boobs, about looking fat. And then I was thinking.... For the love of all that is Holy Jenna Leigh.. you have eyes that work so you can SEE these photos. You have the boobs that God gave you and they are healthy. You have a job that makes it possible to go on adventures with your family. You are surround by people that love you in spite of yourself. So just stop it right now. Stop comparing yourself to those around you and JUST LIVE! Enjoy every single moment God has given you! Love the people around you. Love yourself. And be kind. Kind to yourself and kind to others. #bekind #beyourownbeautiful #grace #honesty #beauty #family #kindness #mn #myhappylife #happiness #truth #liveyourlife #selflove

It's our favorite day of the week! Happy #sundaybumday!

I like that minneapolis can be equally “secret garden” and “downtown of a major city” all at once😍 . . . #mn #minnesota #thisismyminnesota #thisismymn #captureminnesota #captureminneapolis #capturemn #onlyinmn #nature #naturephotography #city #minneapolis #minnesotaexposure

Production still from the set of "Self Aware" With Anna Hermanson Directed by Zach Swenson #mn #mnfilm #mnindie #mnfilm&tv #indiefilm #annahermanson #zachswanson