Mommas arms.


👏🏼Louis the Safe cracker 👌🏼

Went to brunch today and this was hanging up. Everyone's goal should be to have the coolest dog out there.

"He's Houdini. Last week he got out of a baby gate!" // Teddy is a 3 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in puppy class. We're so glad to have you here Teddy!!

It’s been SO hot and humid in Michigan we’ve been waiting juuuuuust before sunset to venture out for our walks. Otherwise, catch us both sprawled out in front of our AC unit 🙈

Still not sure how we feel about the house under construction, so hiding in the (open) kennel is on rotation with hiding under the bed.

My face when I realize it’s #primeday and I need Mom to get me more treats!! #mondaymotivation