😱😱😱 THIS JUST HAPPENED! As usual, we left her in the room for her morning nap while we got busy with work. We suddenly heard the bedroom door shut close (we always leave it ajar so we could hear when she’s awake), so we went to check out what’s going on. We didn’t think much of it as we thought it could be one of the cats trying to get out of the room but stupidly closed the door shut (the cats do know how to pull the door open). But... when we got into the room, we saw our little monkey happily walking around! She actually climbed out of her cot and god knows how she climbed (or tumbled?) down our bed without getting hurt! And she made a big mess - Hurricane Rae 🌪. Looks like we need to review our room setup today. Recently she’s been trying to climb up everything, she’s unstoppable. #14monthsold #raemybae #mybrightestraeofsunshine #myfirstchoyce

We pout coz we can #girlsdayout #raemybae

Everyone's downstairs drinking and I'm led in soph's bed with tea watching mmfd not even sorry #mymadfatdiary #raemybae #dunevencare #whoneedsalcwhenuhavemmfd

For fucks sake 😭😭😭😭😭 #mmfd #raemybae

Fave show is back and fucking better than ever #mmfd #raemybae