My stomach still hurts from laughing at these BFF’s 😆. I’m lucky to get to work with both of these ladies. Melissa is one of my first friends I made when I moved to Fort McMurray. She also has been there for to help me out with my kids whenever I need her ♥️ Chrissy started working in my class recently and makes me laugh on the daily! She gets me 😉They have fake tattoos of each other on their arms, in case you haven’t noticed! ♥️🤣 . . .

Always there for each other. She is the first to run to her little sisters rescue.

Today I was cleaning up and organizing my external drive and I seriously can't even... how was this just last year??? My baby faced little boy 😭

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”-Henry Ward Beecher 📷credit: @caitlyngottschalk Chosen by: @kristcx Follow us and use #runwildmychild for a chance to be featured!

❤️I left my heart in San Francisco 🌁

The garlic is finally ready! . . #172_seasonal #garlic #seasonal

If this isn’t the cutest 😍 Holding a kitten and taking a picture. A boy after my heart. 💞Thank you for sharing this adorable capture _____ Mod: @mommatolittlemen Tag: #sfth_melissaraephotography _____ Keep tagging #snapfromtheheart to be featured

The last photo of Hudson’s baby teeth 😭😭😭. Right after this, we were eating pizza when I realized Hudson’s tooth wasn’t in his mouth anymore and we thought he must’ve eaten it! Luckily he found it, brought it home to write to the tooth fairy that he was keeping it to make her a little castle out of teeth (I told Hudson years ago that the tooth fairy 🧚‍♂️ uses all the teeth she collects to build a huge castle in the clouds for all the fairies to live in). I remember crying when he got his two top teeth, so sad his gummy smiles were gone, and I nearly cried today, so sad his baby smile has changed, but it’s so fun to experience all these tiny moments with him that are so monumental in his eyes.

Back home to my babies 📷: @itserikachristine

A good photographer must love life more than he does photography. Joel Strasser. _________________ This phrase hit me so hard that I immediately had to buy this notebook with most adorable vintage cameras illustrations and great quotes about photography. It’s really important to realize that you all the inspiration that your need is already there. You just have to keep the eyes open and heart full of kindness to accept that world. Photography is a great tool to understand the world and yourself, but first and foremost are those sensations, emotions, feelings that piece your soul and mind in the moment of being there, in the middle of life. I have so many beautiful things to try this summer and one of them was to take a picture with a tripod in the middle of a crowded beach ( okay, not exactly the middle, but there were a lot of people) #stepoutforsummer doing it’s job! Did you take any photos outside that you were uncomfortable to take, but still overcome that fear? My heart is already so full of pride for your courage, guys, but I want to hear those stories! •••••••••••••••• Хороший фотограф повинен любити життя більше, ніж він любить фотографію. Джоел Штрассер. _________________ Ця фраза мене так вразила, що я відразу ж придбала цей блокнотик з чудовими ілюстраціями вінтажних камер та цитатами про фотографію. . Дуже важливо зрозуміти, що все натхнення, якого ми шукаємо - поряд. Ми просто повинні відкрити очі і серце, наповнити його добротою до світу, побачити в ньому добре, незважаючи на все погане, яке наступає на нас. . Фотографія - чудовий інструмент для розуміння світу та себе, але в першу чергу людину творять ті відчуття, емоції, почуття, які вона переживає в певний момент. Спочатку бути там, всередині самого виру життя, а вже потім фотографувати стало для мене цікавим експериментом. У мене так багато речей, які я хочу спробувати цього літа. Одна з них була зробити фото з штативом посередині переповненого пляжу (гаразд, не зовсім посередині, але було багато людей). #stepoutforsummer робить свою роботу! А ви зробили фото за межами своєї зони комфорту? Можливо спочатку було незручно, але все ж подолали цей страх? Чекаю історій❤️

❤️Live & Let Love🌈

Grabbed the boys early from school to enjoy the summer solstice and so glad I did because shortly after we arrived at the pool, Hudson’s front tooth fell out!! Going to be sharing the one million photos I took over the last week of his beautiful baby smile so it’s etched in my memory forever.