Which one does everyone like better be honest. The 2nd is based off of my New Year's look. #SISTERFACECHARTCONTEST

@jamescharles #sisterfacechartcontest combo of some of them

@jamescharles #sisterfacechartcontest hands

#sisterfacechartcontest #sisterfacechart @jamescharles sister spring can’t be here any soon can it?😕😂lol hope you like this as much as I do!😁❤️

this is my 2nd page from @ka.tiee.e ! reposting it !!! ♥️♥️ TAG JAMES !!!! #sisterfacechartcontest #sisterfacechart @jamescharles

Here is my entry for @jamescharles Face Chart Contest! My design is inspired by a forest and nature 🌳 #sisterfacechartcontest #sisterfacechart #sisterfacechartchallenge

Too late to enter, but I wanted to try... I noticed that most looks are focused on the eyes, but I wanted to focus more on the lips. Sorry, the nose contouring was tricky for me on paper, ans it got a little messy trying to define the lips. #sisterfacechartcontest #sisterfacechartchallenge

This Wasn’t Finished Because I Was Gonna Restart But I Forgot The Blank One At My Moms House And Can Get It In Time... But This Is Decent, Right...? #sisterfacechart #sisterfacechartcontest

I hope it’s not too late the enter the #sisterfacechartcontest #sisterfacechart :). I wanted to mix the art world with the internet world, so I had this idea for a spin on the creation of Adam! I really like how it turned out!! I used photoshop and a Wacom tablet. @jamescharles

Don’t butcher me I’m still a work in progress but the theme is what I love💕😍😅😅 #sisterfacechartcontest

Repost from @prepsa #sisterfacechartcontest

Motorsport inspired 🏁 I know this entry is SUPER late but I still wanted to try to enter. The blending took FOREVERRRRR. Hopefully you like it. And I’m upset that the lashes covered up the eyeliner so I did more of close up so you can see. Enjoy💕 #sisterfacechartcontest #sisterfacechart @jamescharles

@jamescharles #sisterfacechartcontest crystals! Also! James! The MacBook!